In 2021, we present a new technology for programming our devices.

We will now produce all of our fingerprint readers in a single management technology called R7. We have combined STAND ALONE technology, which enables analog control, and Wi-Fi, which enables application control, in one device, which will be able to control the reader in both ways. Thus, from now on, each user will have the choice of analog control or application management. On first use, you will be able to easily select:

  • Analog control by pressing the reset key or the key to add the administrator finger on the control unit and then continue the process of entering fingers.
  • Manage the application by connecting the device to the X-manager application and start programming using the application.

Analog control via the buttons on the control unit is simple and offers basic functions.

R7 technology also has the option of hybrid control, which allows users of analog control to partially use the application to:

App control offers a wide range of settings.

The first time you use the device, you will choose the way in which you will program the device, and later you will be able to change your mind. If you want to select another programming mode after a certain time, you will need to reset the device to the factory settings and re-enter all fingerprints and adjust the other settings.
This change in technology will make sales easier for both us and our partners, and will save end users the dilemma of choosing a device. We have noticed many times that it was difficult for customers to decide which technology to choose. Later, some even changed their minds, but replacing the technology was then too expensive. With R7 technology, the purchasing process will be easier for both our partners and the end user, and the user experience will be even more pleasant.