PINEAPPLE is a joint venture project of three Slovenian companies DOORSON, NAVKOM and NOMNIO, who has joined their knowledge of three different fields of industry. Sliding door production, biometric access control and secure industrial cloud remote control.

About the PINEAPPLE product:

PINEAPPLE -automatic sliding doors with fingerprint reader and remote management – is an innovative solution designed to fit both workspaces and living areas that brought together the latest technological achievements of companies Doorson, Navkom and Nomnio.


Smart high-tech solution that is easy to use and reliable
Timeless custom-made design that fits both interiors and entrances
Functionalities can be adjusted for home or professional use
Early problem detection and remote maintenance
High safety level via fingerprint identification and remote control of entries

Fields of use:

Business environment
Smart homes

DOORSON Experience a warm welcome

Custom-made, reliable and safe to use automatic sliding doors. They are a perfect match to modern interiors since their innovative design is perfected to details. Used as entrance doors, they attract the attention of visitors, making them feel welcome the very first moment they enter the building.

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NAVKOM Security is just a fingerprint away

Biometry complements modern entrance solutions. Fingerprints are probably one of the oldest identification methods. Using fingerprints for access control is highly safe and that is the main reason why they are becoming the most common solution when it comes to keeping our valuable assets protected. Pineapple includes Navkom’s high end biometric solution Bioreader that is elegant for the eye, multi-functional and simple to use.

Biggest company reference: Inotherm

NOMNIO Be in control and stay in control. 24/7 troubleshooting.

Being at more than one place at the time has never been simpler. A part of Pineapple is also Nomnio platform that connects doors and fingerprint readers in a cloud, making their control, monitoring and troubleshooting fast and easy. Pineapple has double safety feature. Fingerprints are unique and as such highly secure. Moreover, Nomnio works via Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, assuring additional level of safety.

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PINEAPPLE project was presented for the first time on the fair Swissbau in Switzerland.

January 2020.

The operation is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European union under European Regional Development Fund.

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